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    Lev Horodyskyj is currently working on developing the Habitable Worlds (habworlds.org) online astrobiology course for Arizona State University. His background is in geochemistry and astrobiology specializing in geochemical traces of Cambrian terrestrial ecosystems.

  • Imagine Harder

    It’s the future. It’s the 21st century. I always imagined that by this time, there would be the requisite flying cars and Moon colonies. So one of the biggest disappointments of my adult life has been the realization that our species is almost 100% Earth-bound and that there has been no real progress made in leaving low Earth orbit for as long as I’ve been alive. In the 80s, it seemed like we were on an uphill trajectory. The books I read as a kid promised the whole solar system as our playground. Or

  • The Trouble with Thinking Inside the Box

    In a recent NYT editorial, University of Virginia professor Mark Edmundson makes an argument for how online education can never equal or excel traditional in-class instruction. Among his arguments are the idea that an in-class teacher can get a sense for how students are reacting to content and whether content delivery needs to be modified to adjust to student reactions and abilities, in real time. In addition, a live professor can also give a lot of value-added content … answers to questions on the spot, conversations after class, philosophical discussions with engaged and enthusiastic students.

  • Not My Job

    A couple of months ago, I was at the biennial Astrobiology Science Conference. It was a busy day … I had just met up with a potential new collaborator who was interested in bringing some of the online modules we’ve been developing for our online astrobiology course, Habitable Worlds, to a South American audience (in particular, to a lay audience during a public event the following weekend). About half an hour later, I was due to meet up with my class via videochat for our “Ask a Scientist” videochat series that we had developed specifically for this conference so