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    Brendan Mullan is a nordic-skiing, science-writing, outreach-practicing PhD student in astronomy at Penn State. He studies how galaxies collide and form stars in their interstellar wreckage. Brendan likes his beer dark, but his conversation light. Where the categories of science communication, pop culture, and early-90's nostalgia intersect in life’s Venn diagram, Brendan is there.

  • Hello from Pasadena!

    Or as the locals say it, “Hello from Pasadena!”

    This is Brendan Mullan, occasional astronomy grad student, Famelab participant, and all-around friend of the show. I’m here at JPL, ready to give you the latest updates on all things Mars Science Laboratory. You can expect a couple of juicy tidbits as the day progresses, injected with my characteristic affinity for obscure pop cultural references, inconsequential asides, and demonstrable contempt for journalistic objectivity and personal integrity of any kind! It’ll be fun for the whole family.

    You’ve read the news. You’ve seen the 7 Minutes of Terror video. You