Apr 2011

Brainstorm: Regular Content


We want your input on types of regular content we could have on PaleBlue.blog. In conversations with Betül, Ariel, and others, we have a “starter” list of ideas:

Brainstorm – Is this type of post a good idea for a regular feature? We could brainstorm on research, outreach, or science careers ideas

Science Slam – A short video/podcast discussing some scientific topic

Featured Scientist – A guest post or interview with a scientist

Journal Club – We pick an article and discuss it, blog style

Open Thread – Just a place to hang out and discuss…. whatever

Mission Focus – Discuss a past/present/future/concept mission, once a week, every week

Ask an Astrobiologist/Planetary Scientist/Climate Scientist – Just what it sounds like. This could either be done by collecting and answering questions submitted to us, or as a live thread where we answer questions as they come in. Maybe this could be combined with the “featured scientist” content?

Those are just a few. Post your own ideas in the comments, or let us know what you think of the ones above.

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S. Domagal-Goldman
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