• Cosmos Liveblog Episode 5: Hiding in the Light

    Tonight we get an introduction to the scientific method, and an explanation its origins. Awesome. Most people don’t know where it originated, much less from whom. Should be fun! We’ll also learn about the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light, light we can’t see… and (I hope?) how we can use that to look for life in the cosmos.

    Yes, we’re also big fans of Game of Thrones at the blog:

    Honest question here in the room… is this the same set of intro graphics every week? We’re so busy setting up the blog we rarely have time to see things in detail. Ah, the perils of our digital age…

    Indeed, this transition is always a bit jarring:

    This may have been the best episode yet. And that finally was stunning.

    I have lots to do tonight. So I’m out!