Feb 2012

Countdown to 2/17/2012…


I’m totally exhausted from getting 3 NAI applications in as well as a job application. But the countdown marches on!

3… The online/YouTube prelim for FameLab Astrobiology is now live! For details, register at our website.

2… Cool VPL research was published this week on triggering runaway greenhouses (like Venus) due to tidal heating (like the tides cause on Earth by the Moon……. but MUCH MUCH WAY SUPER LOTS stronger), and another paper about searching for Earth-like planets with observations of near-infrared light (light just outside out vision on the “red” side of the color spectrum). There was also some interesting work published by Steinn Sigurdsson on the “faint young sun paradox,” specifically an analysis of whether it’s possible the young Sun wasn’t as faint as previously thought.

1… Congratulations to all those that submitted NAI proposals this week. They’re a beast to put together. Good luck in the competition…


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S. Domagal-Goldman
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