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    POSTED BY: Glenn Smith
    NASA spends millions of dollars getting the public excited about space exploration. Most recently, we've been brought to a fever pitch of excitement about the wonderful discoveries that Curiosity is going to make. Tears stream down our faces as we watch the wild celebration in the JPL control room -- Curiosity has landed! We scan the news each day, eager for any scrap of information . . . What's this?!? The PI is saying that the first samples delivered to the suite of analytical instruments have been "one for the history books"! Can it be?!? It's only wind-blown sand, but be know that it will contain traces of everything to be found on the surface of Mars; and, after all, NASA has spent millions of more dollars -- this we know from innumerable press releases -- learning to detect life in the inhospitable Atacama desert! The Curiosity team is checking and re-checking its results; and with an insider's pride, we explain to our wives and girlfriends that Curiosity has indeed spent an unusally long amount of time at the "Rocknest" site, and has taken five samples rather than the expected three! Yes, this is one for the history books -- the most catastrophic in a long line of NASA public relations catastrophes -- or the most bungled cover-up in scientific history!