• Does My Moon Look Big In This?

    It happens at least once every month. Sometimes, rarely, it happens twice a month. It's when lunatics roam the streets and when drivers get distracted by what they see up there in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a FULL MOON. Yesterday, inspired by the beautiful sight of the Moon outside my
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  • Survey says….

    You may have heard the news, announced earlier this week, about the presence of tens of billions of habitable planets in our galaxy. This is big news for two reasons: one is related to the simplest astronomy one can do; the other is related to astronomy so difficult and complicated we don't even know how
  • Teaching evolution in Turkey

    A cross between Wayne Manor, a Napa Valley vineyard, a calculus-obsessed kibbutz and a British collegiate faculty lounge, somebody (Ali Nesin) actually built the math classroom that your math teacher dreamed about while you were taking your weekly quizzes in high school. You couldn’t ask for a more lovely setting to explore the methods and
  • Habitable Zone Lifetimes of Exoplanets around Main Sequence Stars

    Last week, my first research paper was published in the journal Astrobiology. The paper outlines our method for estimating how long 'habitable' conditions may exist for on planets that have been discovered in the 'habitable zone' - a concept I regularly discuss on this blog and elsewhere. The run-up to its publication has been surprisingly
  • Apologies for the hiatus – we’ll be back in action soon!

    Hey everyone! It's been pretty crazy around here lately. Some proposal deadlines took a lot out of all of us, and the month-old child in my house took a lot out of yours truly. But I've been thinking a lot about some content I want to push out there. So stay tuned... and thanks for