• Greetings from your new blogger, pretty much the same as your old blogger…

    Hey All! I’m excited Shawn has invited me to share my thoughts on life, love, and the search for both in the Unvierse. I’m going to kick off my time here on this blog with some thoughts and reviews on the recent 2014 Nobel prizes from the astrobiology point of view. Be looking for the first one real soon!



  • SAGANet is looking for science mentors! We need YOU!

    Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.10.05 AM

    It’s fall. Imagine yourself in elementary school. You’re waiting at the bus stop with your Ninja Turtle back pack, No. 2 pencils, trapper keeper, and reebok pumps. Oh yeah. You were ready (or at least I’ve totally dated myself). Judging as you are now reading this blog, I imagine you are a scientist or a science enthusiast. Something along your journey through adolescence (perhaps a parent, teacher, tv show, a piece of art…etc) had sparked your interest in science, most likely around the time of middle school

  • #TBT #Astrobiology a new look at an old meme

    It’s thursday, and everyone is posting hilarious old-skool photos of their former awkward selves and it’s AH-MAZING! Here at PaleBlueBlog, we thought we should science up this weekly social media event by sharing some of our favorite science related memes.

    Remember when these were a thing?!

    #TBT #AstrobiologyThis one was created by yours truly, Julia DeMarines (<– click for awkward TBT).

    Happy Thursday everyone!




  • This is the new blog. Same as the old blog.

    Hi, everyone. Shawn here. So, since I moved into our new house I haven’t been blogging much. Or at all. And when I look in the mirror, this is who I see:

    So I’m bringing some awesome friends into the blog, as co-lead people, to help generate more content. Let me introduce you all to them.

    First up, we have Julia DeMarines (@LifeNSpace). Julia has some great blogging chops, having been the official blogger for two science ocean drilling cruises (aboard the vessels JOIDES Resolution: Expedition 350, and the

  • A visit to Kepler-10c

    I’ve been busy raising my kid and moving us into a new house, which is the reason for the non-posts. I didn’t even have TV for about a month, so I couldn’t even do my live-blogging of Cosmos.

    Fortunately, my colleague and (more importantly) good friend Ravi Kopparapu is picking up the slack. Ravi just put up a blog post about the recently-discovered exoplanet, Kepler-10c. I’m reposting it here with his permission. It’s a great read, and I suggest you check out the other fantastic stuff he’s been writing at his blog, “Third Planet Me.

    Here’s read on for Ravi’s post