• Habitable Zone Lifetimes of Exoplanets around Main Sequence Stars

    Last week, my first research paper was published in the journal Astrobiology. The paper outlines our method for estimating how long 'habitable' conditions may exist for on planets that have been discovered in the 'habitable zone' - a concept I regularly discuss on this blog and elsewhere. The run-up to its publication has been surprisingly
  • Apologies for the hiatus – we’ll be back in action soon!

    Hey everyone! It's been pretty crazy around here lately. Some proposal deadlines took a lot out of all of us, and the month-old child in my house took a lot out of yours truly. But I've been thinking a lot about some content I want to push out there. So stay tuned... and thanks for
  • The Next Full Moon is the Buck Moon or the Thunder Moon

    A little late again, which is (as always is the case) on me and not on Gordon Johnston, who sends out his once-a-moon updates on stellar and lunar happenings. I've missed one or two of the posts, and haven't written in a while but that will change soon. We're past proposal season (for me) and
  • Random Sample: Periodic

    We begin this week with what might seem to be a collection of random videos and stories that lead us from earthly elements to stellar spectacles. Individually, they are all interesting but there is also a common thread... Can you identify the "periodic" feature in all the stories? The NEW Periodic Table Song (In Order) You have
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