Jul 2011

The Countdown 7/12/2011


If y’all have things you think should go on the countdown, send them to me at shawn dot goldman at pale blue blog dot org…

3… Vlogbrother Hank Green of “increasing the awesome” fame is back with another video, this one about the future of human spaceflight at NASA. He even gets to interview lots of the higher-ups within the agency, including the administrator. Oh, and the poster in the background? It’s one the Astrobiology Program made that commemorates the top 10 discoveries from the first 50 years of astrobiology research. You can download the poster, free as in beer, here.

2… Could the Archaea be our saviors? In one of the more interesting stories I’ve seen in a while, researchers have found that a certain species of Archaea has extremely efficient energy-storing molecules that could one day be used in next-gen biofuels and the like. Cool.

1… Happy birthday Netpune!

… LAUNCH! (More on this tomorrow.)

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