• Welcome to the new Pale Blue Blog.

    We started this blog last April, built on an idea of a true community blog. We wanted to give people the opportunity to follow their passions for Earth and space sciences in the same way they can for sports and politics. In short, we wanted to give everyone a place where they could post a “one-off” blog post without having to dedicate the time to maintaining a blog with regular content. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the coding skills on hand – nor the time to obtain them – to make that a reality.

    Then… we got an email from the folks at The Astrobiology Magazine. They wanted to bring us on board as a blog for the Magazine, and were willing to set up a guest post feature on the side bar. We thought that sounded awesome… and check it out! (Look over there —>) They delivered. They gave us a PaleBlue.you feature!

    It took a couple weeks (thus the hiatus) but now our move to the new site is complete. We still have a few kinks to work out, but there is a base version of the PaleBlue.you feature working. So go ahead and post. Go ahead and dive in. If you break something, don’t worry… we’ll just thank you for helping us iron things out. In other words, come on in and make yourselves at home.

    • Baron Pke

      Perhaps the elemental “truth” of the cosmos is that any energetic system with the most minimal strategic purpose will learn to self-organize its operation; and that somewhere there has always been a form of strategically motivated energy.
      All such organizing will thus be in turn strategic and all strategies by necessity manipulative, and in that sense competitive with all other potentially intervening strategies. What we then have come to see as strategic cooperation will have been the result of competition at some more basic level of these strategies’ mutual existence.
      So that we, as evolved strategic entities, can now cooperate to compete, somewhat as our cosmological forbears had much earlier competed to cooperate.

    • Baron Pke

      Serving a biological purpose means, in effect, serving an intelligent purpose, if, as many now propose, all biological functions were self engineered intelligently in anticipation of attending properly to expected problems.

      And chances seem quite good that all systems functioning in the universe were self-engineered, even though more by reactive than pro-active choice, to nevertheless have, and thus serve, an intelligent purpose.
      Which may be why so many are confused as to the use of the word purpose, since service of a purpose still implies a purpose somewhere behind the service. And we’re taught that, outside of man and beasts at least, the universe has no purpose for its actions. But it seems to me our inferential feelings are correct after all, and that service of a purpose is always for an intelligently acquired and required reason.

    • Baron Pke

      Well, so much for “So go ahead and post. Go ahead and dive in.”

    • Shawn Domagal-Goldman

      Baron, Sorry about that! Our commenting system was set so that I had to approve comments. Didn’t realize that…

      I’ll be more on top of the ball going forward.

    • Baron Pke

      That’s OK, nobody is likely to read the hidden text beneath the white cover anyway.

    • Shawn Domagal-Goldman

      Heh… indeed! We’re working on that. But I see you’ve figured out how to use the blog’s secret decoder ring (aka your mouse).


    • S. Domagal-Goldman

      Hey look at that!

      Thanks to Sunny, our programmer, who fixed this very quickly after we discovered this issue.