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Hot Topic Exploration Moon to Mars Hangout with Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre
Hangout with Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre
Source: gURLs in space
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Moon to Mars
Posted:   02/07/14
Author:    Aaron L. Gronstal

Summary: At 7pm EST today, gURLs in Space is hosting a Google+ Hangout with HI-SEAS Researcher, Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre.

gURLs in Space to Host Google+ Hangout with HI-SEAS Researcher, Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre

Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre. Credit: Dr. Sian Proctor
The Astrobiology Magazine’s gURLs in Space initiative will host a Google+ hangout on 7-8 PM EST today, February 7th, with Dr. Yajaira Sierra-Sastre, participant in the Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) project.

Dr. Sierra-Sastre is a materials scientist and educator who recently completed a simulated human Mars mission with HI-SEAS. While living in the habitat on Mauna Loa, Dr. Sierra-Sastre served as the HI-SEAS crew biologist. She performed research on antimicrobial, self-cleaning textiles and participated in food science research and health projects.

Dr. Sierra-Sastre will be presenting topics related to her research and answering questions from Girls Today Women Tomorrow, a Non-Profit Leadership Mentoring Program based out of Boyle Height, Los Angeles.

Social media followers of Astrobiology Magazine and gURLs in Space can submit questions on Google+ or Twitter before and during the event using the hashtag #askAstrobio.

gURLs in Space was started by Astrobiology Magazine to highlight the important work of women in the space sciences. The goal is to help bridge the gap between women currently working in space-related fields and the next generation of women scientists.

To view the hangout, visit the gURLs in space Youtube site on Friday, February 7, 2014:

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