Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition

Click on the front page to enter the Summer 2008 issue of Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition.

This Summer’s “Nordic Invasion” issue contains interviews with Hans Amundsen of the University of Oslo, Anthony Poole of Stockholm University, and Thomas Hode, a co-founder of the Swedish Astrobiology Network (SWAN). In a podcast interview with Axel Brandenburg of the NORDITA research facility in Stockholm, he considers why terrestrial life is based on molecules that have a left-handed symmetry, when their mirror images should work just as well.

Other stories in this issue feature life in volcanic glass, the hypothetical planet Daiseyworld, and lessons viruses can teach us about early life. This issue also has an Iceland expedition diary, and a report about Cliffbot rover tests conducted in Svalbard, Norway.

The “Retrospections” section contains new essays by Mark Brake and Martin Griffiths of the University of Glamorgan’s Centre for Astronomy and Science Education. These essays discuss the unique contributions of Nordic scientists and writers on astrobiology.

Join us as the “Old World” of Europe embarks on journeys around the globe and to other worlds, continuing their grand tradition of exploration. As they seek answers about life on Earth and in the universe, read about their pursuits in the latest Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition!

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