Star Talk

In a new effort to bring science to the masses, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of New York’s Hayden Planetarium, is hosting a popular science radio show on Sunday, December 2 and 16. The show, “Star Talk,” also will feature Lynne Koplitz, a stand-up comedian recently featured on Comedy Central.

“We’ll talk about everything under the sun, or rather, under the universe,” says Tyson.

The Parkes Radio Telescope in New South Wales, Australia. A new radio show about space and science, “Star Talk,” will be riding the electromagnetic radio waves on Sunday, December 2 and 16, 2007.

At 12 pm Pacific time (3 pm Eastern), Tyson and Koplitz will chat about astronomy, space, and other science topics of interest on KLSX 97.1 Free FM (CBS Radio) in Los Angeles. The radio show also will be web streamed on for those not within the broadcast area.

On the December 2 hour-long show premiere, the main topic will be asteroid and comet impacts. Tyson will interview University of Washington paleontologist Peter Ward, whose latest book, “Under the Green Sky” explores mass extinctions in Earth’s history. The famous mass extinction which ended the age of the dinosaurs is blamed on a giant asteroid impact.

Tyson is hoping the radio show will attract a broad audience, including “people who never knew how much they would enjoy learning about science.”

Listeners can call into the show at (888) 520-9710 to ask questions about the main topic of asteroid impacts, or any other burning science-related question they may have.

“We want this program to be both entertaining and informative,” says Tyson. “Not all shows succeed here; most are one or the other. To combine both is a challenge, but to combine both is our goal.”

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