Name The Extreme Explorers

NASA will launch two robots to Mars next year and you can help name them.

Extreme Explorers' Hall of Fame
Rover design drawing as envisioned on Mars. Credit: Mars Exploration Rover Mission Team, JPL, NASA

This week’s selections for the Extreme Explorers Hall of Fame are the Mars Exploration Rovers, scheduled for launch in June 2003, when Mars and Earth have relatively nearby orbits.

Following their expected January 2004 touchdown, the rovers will send data back for their 3 month mission and crawl the rocky, red surface with an extended range.

The robots can traverse about the distance of a football field (100 meters) per day. The mission’s scientific goal is to seek out and investigate interesting rocks and terrain that could give clues to the past of Mars

Suggestions for names should be sent here, accompanied by a short essay, by 2003 January 31.