AMEE: Astrobiology Magazine European Edition

  • Astrobiology-Magazine,-European-Edition

    Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition

    You’re an astrobiologist standing in the centre of a vast, empty expanse of rock and dust pockmarked with impact craters. There’s no water here, no life, but your task is to collect data important for the study of life in the Universe.

  • Astrobiology-Magazine-European-EditionSpotlight-on-France

    Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition: Spotlight on France

    Can life travel from planet to planet? A theory called Panspermia says that meteorites could potentially act as miniature spaceships, carrying microorganism passengers. But a new study has found that photosynthetic life probably wouldn’t survive the journey.

  • Astrobiology-Magazine-European-EditionNordic-Edition

    Astrobiology Magazine, European Edition: Nordic Edition

    Stained glass windows decorate the world’s most beautiful cathedrals, and the jewel-colored panels often depict religious stories. According to ongoing research, life may have its own tales to tell in ancient glass.