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Simon Mitton
talks to Frances Westall

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David Southwood
Frances Westall
Director of the GDR Exobiologie, CNRS

Radio Astrobiology

:Life’s Slimy Beginnings

Join us for Astrobiology Magazine’s latest podcast: “Naked Astrobiology” with our host Simon Mitton. In this broadcast Mitton interviews Frances Westall of the Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire in Orléans, France. They discuss her search for the earliest traces of life in the Earth’s most ancient rocks, and how fossilized microbial mats provide a vast amount of information about life’s slimy beginnings.

Part 1: Clicking on this link will launch the podcast program (11MB, mp3).

Part 2: In the second part of this podcast, Westall explains why our discoveries about the early Earth can help prepare us for what we might find in our investigations of Mars. Clicking on this link will launch the second part of the podcast program [6MB, mp3]