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 Nordic Special

Fiction’s Most Realistic Vision of Our Astrobiological Future?
Professor Mark Brake
Visionary science writer Sir Arthur C Clarke, author of more than 100 books, died recently. Professor Mark Brake critically assess the science and culture of arguably his greatest work, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Life Underground
Professor Mark Brake
Notes on Life Underground: Journey to the center of the Earth through the eyes of Nordic science fiction writer, Ludvig Holberg.

Astrobiology in a Cold Climate: The Scandinavian Connection
Martin Griffiths
Astrobiology in a Cold Climate: The Scandinavian Connection.

Pondering PigDuck
Leslie Mullen
“That is the Pig Duck. It is a Work of Art”

Astrobiology Rap
Jonathan Chase
“The ‘Astrobiology’ rap was written by Jon for the Astrobiology Magazine European Edition (AMEE). ”

Astrobiology Rap

Tune in for the all new 'Astrobiology Rap', written by Jonathan Chase for the latest *Astrobiology Magazine European Edition (AMEE) -- the Nordic Invasion.*

Jon is an early career researcher in science communication. Multi-talented, Jon has undergraduate degrees in both Aerospace Engineering, and Science and Science Fiction. As a post-graduate practitioner in communicating science, Jon is actively involved in a number of science communication activities. His main focus is on exploring new and alternative methods of engaging the public with science, and demonstrating the various ways that science impacts upon our knowledge of the world.

Jon's approach is light-hearted, informative, and entertaining. It uses 'rap' in story form. Just as science fiction narrative comments on the world through a 'hard' or 'soft' science lens, rap comments on the world through a 'hard' or 'soft' emotional lens.

Join us as Jon's alter ego, 'Oort Kuiper' riffs on the ideas of life in the universe!

If you cannot view the video on this page please take a look at the video on You Tube