Living on thin air – microbe mystery solved

Microbes in Antarctica have a previously unknown ability to scavenge hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon…


Two Super-Earths around red dwarf K2-18

Researchers find exciting potential for little-known exoplanet – and discover another planet in the process.


Clay minerals on Mars may have formed in primordial steam bath

New research suggests that the bulk of clay minerals on Mars could have been formed…


Research bolsters possibility of plate tectonics on Europa

New evidence suggests that the icy shell of Jupiter's moon Europa may have plate tectonics…


Rosetta: A Comet’s List of Ingredients

For the first time, researchers from the COSIMA team present a quantitative analysis of which…


In the beginning there was the sponge

Which group of animals evolved first? This problem has become a bone of contention among…


How phosphorus helped oxygenate Earth’s atmosphere

The slow rate at which phosphorus was recycled in Earth’s ancient oceans could have stalled…

Keith Cooper

An Orbital Dance May Help Preserve Oceans on Icy Worlds

Heat generated by the gravitational pull of moons formed from massive collisions could extend the…


NASA Builds its Next Mars Rover Mission

In just a few years, NASA's next Mars rover mission will be flying to the…


Traces of life on nearest exoplanets may be hidden in equatorial trap

New simulations show that the search for life on other planets may well be more…