ART – Painting Earth’s past atmosphere, Famous paintings that help to study the Earth’s past atmosphere, paintings reveal that ash and gas released during major volcanic eruptions. Also read about Microbial alchemy – transforming gold from something that has no value into a solid, precious metal that’s valuable, artistic astrobiology bridging biology and space, space inspired art, LIGHT: Beyond the Bulb – an open-source program designed to feature light-based science across disciplines, technological platforms and the electromagnetic spectrum and more

  • Hot Martian Heartbeats: Seasonal Valentine
    The Mars Orbital Camera captured these South Pole changes over a two year span, as entire hills and mesas reshaped and dry ice sublimed seasonally. The time-sequence shows the remarkable changing geography of a planet in flux-perhaps moving out of the last Martian Ice Age.
  • The Universe in Forty Leaps
    Zoom out from a single sodium atom to the edge of the universe. From micro- to mega- in powers of ten on the zoom lens.
  • Meteoric Image Pack
    Few night-sky events engage one's fascination like the chance streaks of meteoric lights. This week's selected image gallery displays some of the most memorable and important astrobiological events ever captured on film.
  • 2002 in Astrobiology Imagery
    2002 did not disappoint those seeking visual evidence for the prerequisites to life elsewhere--whether in Martian canyons, the atmosphere of Saturn's moon, or the distant perspective of galactic clusters containing billions of unexplored stars.
  • Solar Spectacular
    Prominent solar activity noted from southern pole of sun.