• 22 Jan, 2015
    Applications are being accepted for undergraduate scholarships at NASA.
  • 08 Jan, 2015
    Scientists identify similarities between ancient sedimentary rocks on Mars and structures shaped by microbes on Earth.
  • 01 Jan, 2015
    Had to share this from the Pale Blue Blog - Julia DeMarines' hilarious cover of a Beastie Boys classic. Julia DeMarines, M.Sc., is a Planetary Science PhD student at Hampton University in Virginia, as well as a co-founder of www.SAGANet.org, and an avid science communicator. Check out her contributi
  • 25 Dec, 2014
    This mini-interview comes from the SAM Science Team website at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • 20 Dec, 2014
    NASA’s Curiosity rover has made two of its most important observations on Mars since arriving on the planet in 2012.