Under a Green Sky

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Interview with Peter Ward

On the radio show, “Star Talk,” broadcast for the first time on Sunday December 2, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed University of Washington paleontologist Peter Ward. They discussed Ward’s latest book, “Under a Green Sky,” which explores extinctions in Earth’s past and predicts extinctions to come in the future.

Under a Green Sky, a new book by Peter Ward.

“If you look at the fossil record, it is just littered with dead bodies (from past catastrophes),” Ward says in the interview. He says that only one extinction in Earth’s past was caused by an asteroid impact – the event 65 million years ago that ended the age of the dinosaurs. All the rest, he claims, were caused by global warming. “The Earth was ‘Al Gored’,” jokes Ward.

The interview can be accessed by clicking on this link.

“Star Talk” will air again on Sunday, December 16 at 12 pm Pacific time (3 pm Eastern), on KLSX 97.1 Free FM (CBS Radio) in Los Angeles. Tyson will interview Bill Nye the Science Guy, and he and his co-host, comedienne Lynne Koplitz, will chat about space tourism, as well as other astronomy, space and science topics.

The radio show will be web streamed on www.971freefm.com for those not within the broadcast area. Listeners can call in at (888) 520-9710 to ask questions about the main topic or to pose any other science-related question they may have.

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