No, it’s not “enterprise,” or “equality” or “economics.” The new E word is ETHICS.

Al Gore, Nobel Prize winner and former Vice President, has a new book out today: Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.  Published by Rodale, Our Choice strides leagues beyond the fact-based message of his 2006 film, “An Inconvenient Truth“. It boldly asserts that saving the world is a moral imperative, one which religious leaders throughout the world should sign on to before it’s too late.

In an pre-publication interview in Newsweek magazine, Gore cited a poll of CEOs’ and CFOs’ attitudes towards the impending climate cataclysm. Even now, he said, 80 percent of them indicated they would not spend money to make their factories more efficient and save money in the long run if it hurt their next-quarter bottom line.

And where business goes, at least in America, politicians obediently follow. Just forty days away from the Copenhagen climate conference, policy makers dodge and weave when the “E” word slides into the climate discussion.

But the “E” word is probably our last resort. Fact-based argument is not working.

by Erica Rex