Cosmic Evolution

Cosmic evolution news covers variety of topics like Big Bang, Cosmic steam jets, Exoplanets, Planetary nebula, Hubble exoplanets, Oldest giant galaxies, Astronomers universe, Galaxy cluster, distant stars, Colliding galaxies, Plasma Quasar, Solar Winds, Astrochemists Comet, Methane blankets, Black Holes, Milky Way, Stardust and more..

  • Sagan as Teacher, as Collaborator
    The legacy of Carl Sagan's unification of both skepticism and wonder. Read more about contributions, from a remarkable interview with Ann Druyan, the widow of renowned scientist Carl Sagan, and astrophysicist Steven Soter who collaborated with Sagan over many years to create the famed television
  • A Shortage of Planets
    When they turned the Hubble Space Telescope on a distant globular cluster of stars, astronomers expected to find fifteen or twenty planets. They found zero.
  • Cold Clouds and Water in Space
    Astronomers have for the first time determined how much of the water in cold regions of space is in gaseous form and how much is frozen. This is especially interesting because these regions are the future birthplaces of low-mass stars like the Sun, and solar
  • Galactic Habitable Zones
    Our Milky Way Galaxy is unusual in that it is one of the most massive galaxies in the nearby universe. Our Solar System also seems to have qualities that make it rather unique. These qualities make the Sun one of the few stars in the
  • The Dance of the Giant Planets
    A team of planet hunters January 9th announced a discovery that will help researchers better understand planet migration and how planets' gravitational pulls influence each other.