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  • Mars in Pop Culture: Film
    The latest movie incarnation of H.G. Wells´s "The War of the Worlds" hit theaters on Wednesday, June 29. In Wells's story, Martians invaded the Earth -- only to be brought down by a virus. Mars was once thought to be the most likely
  • The Olympics on Animal Planet
    In part IV of this Olympic series, the question of how humans might compete against other species is considered. Are we so sure in our pride as a species, that our champions are the same as the planet's winners?
  • The Doodle Gig
    How is the search for life elsewhere reflected culturally in symbols that we recognize daily? One signpost invented to characterize the 'state of the internet' is the occasional change in the logo of the world's most popular search engine. How that doodle has come to
  • Eavesdropping on Olympus
    As preparations near completion for the return of the Olympics Games to their ancestral home in Athens, the time is ripe to revisit whether the Olympics has been our diplomatic calling card in other places beyond the home planet.
  • New Worlds of Words
    A dictionary like no other in the world, the Oxford English Dictionary has been described as "among the wonders of the world of scholarship". This week, the OED announced the term, astrobiology, among its latest new entries.
  • I Want My Sci-TV
    Americans love science in their movies and TV shows, yet recent reports indicate we are losing our scientific dominance to the rest of the world. Can science-themed entertainment get Americans off the couch and into the lab?