Extreme Life

Discover news about Extreme Life at Sea, Microbes extraterrestrial life, Microbial Living, Bacterial life, stratospheric life, life in toxic volcanic lake, multicellular life. Also get deep insights on Studying Shewanella in Microgravity, Presence of microbial life in Earth stratosphere.

  • Keeping
    Using a novel detector attached to a submarine, a research team led by University of Delaware marine scientists has determined that water chemistry controls the location and distribution of two species of weird worms that inhabit deep-sea hydrothermal vent sites.
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
    An expedition to geysers on the floor of the Indian Ocean is studying how animals there evolve and disperse geographically.
  • Some Like it Hot
    NASA astrobiologist Jack Farmer studies microorganisms.
  • Looking for life, Astrobiologists Dive Deep
    Coral-like mounds on the floor of a Canadian lake may make it easier someday to identify life on other planets.
  • Terrestrial Powerhouses
    A remarkable protein called bacteriorhodopsin converts light into metabolic energy. After 30 years of investigations, this protein has finally revealed some of its secrets.
  • Pyruving the Origin of Life
    For the origin of life, chemical synthesis of pyruvic acid is a critical step. In a difficult experiment, Carnegie Institute/NAI researchers report that the natural synthesis of such compounds would occur wherever hot ocean vents pass through iron sulfide-containing crust.