LADEE Launch Streak

On September 6, a starry night and the Milky Way witnessed the
launch of a Minotaur V rocket
from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia.

So did
a large part
of the
United States
, as the spectacular night launch was
easily visible even from light polluted
urban areas.

This 35 second exposure captures part of the
rocket’s initial launch streak and 2nd stage ignition flare along with
a brilliant reflection of the fiery sky
in calm waters.

The stunning view faces south and west from a vantage point overlooking
Sinepuxent Bay in Maryland about 20 miles north of the launch pad.

Heading east over the Atlantic, the multi-stage rocket placed LADEE, the
Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer
into a highly elliptical Earth orbit
to begin
its journey
to the Moon.

Credit &

Jeff Berkes