Meteorites, Comets and Asteroids

All about Meteorites Comets Asteroids: Meteorite: Stony, iron, stony-iron metal meteoroid or asteroid metal, Cryovolcanism Shape Dwarf Planet Ceres, Asteroid’s Characteristics, planetary shake-up, asteroid Itokawa, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx, Meteorite bombardment. Asteroid asteroids facts size belt types, answers to questions like: How are asteroids formed? Where are asteroids found? What are asteroids made of? Comets Interesting facts, famous names of comets, halley’s comet, the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud frozen ammonia, methane or water, dirty snowballs and questions like: What are comets made of? Where do comets come from? How big are comets?

  • More Distant Planets Discovered
    Imagine discovering eight new worlds outside our solar system while the rest of the world is on summer vacation. See what's out of this world, thanks to the University of Texas at Austin's McDonald Observatory and the European Southern Observatory.
  • Leonid Meteors Yield Rich Astrobiology Research Results
    In search of meteor showers, an airborne research mission indicates that the chemical precursors to life found in comet dust into early Earth's atmosphere.
  • Life Under Bombardment
    Does Greenland give a clue as to whether life was seeded twice: 'stock' cultures surviving one big impact event? Life Under Bombardment looks for the evidence of our terrestrial past.