Origin and evolution of life

Discover evolution of life on earth, plant evolution, sea animals evolution, bird evolution, silicon based life, multicellular life, world’s oldest fossils, animal biodiversity, bacterial life, bird like dinosaurs, rare ancient worms, animal speciation. Also get to know about Earth’s earliest life and how photosynthesis began producing oxygen billion years ago.

  • Reflections From a Warm Little Pond
    Scientists theorize possible scenarios on how life could have first originated on Earth.
  • Oily fossils provide clues to the evolution of flowers
    A team of Stanford geochemists has found evidence that flowering plants may have evolved 250 million years ago - long before the first pollen grain appeared in the fossil record.
  • Evo Devo Learns a Larval Lesson
    Scientists have studied the life history of animals, part of a field called development, for many decades. Other scientists have studied how life arose and evolved on Earth.
  • TNA World
    DNA is the building block for life on Earth. But it is a highly complex molecule, and could not have arranged itself spontaneously. What did it develop from? Astrobiologists examine possible ancestors of DNA: nucleic acids called PNA, p-RNA, and TNA.
  • Scientists Find Clues That Life Began in Deep Space
    Duplicating the harsh conditions of space in their laboratory, NASA scientists have created primitive cells with membrane-like structures. These chemical compounds may have played a part in the origin of life.
  • Astrobiologists Find Evidence of Early Life on Land
    Scientists with NASA's Astrobiology Institute have discovered evidence that microbial life emerged on land between 2.6 billion and 2.7 billion years ago, much earlier than previously thought.