Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • Tribute to the NAI’s First Director Tomorrow, 7 PM EDT

    No countdown tonight. Instead, I’m going to use this space to advertise an important event for the astrobiology community. Tomorrow, there will be a a tribute to Baruch “Barry” Blumberg. Dr. Blumberg discovered the Hepatitis B virus, developed its vaccine, won a Nobel Prize, acted as president of the American Philosophical Society, and was the first
  • Better Late than Never Weekend Theater

    … because I know you all watch videos at work, anyways. Well, here’s one you won’t feel guilty for watching at work: the PBS documentary “Earth: The Operators’ Manual. The show is narrated by a former professor of mine, Dr. Richard Alley. I’ll let Dr. Alley introduce himself with his introduction to the show:
  • The Countdown: 6/16/2011

    Posting in the dark tonight. The rest of my house is asleep, there’s a huge storm rolling into DC, and I’m not sure how long my power/internet will be on for.. Hopefully long enough to get through… 3… We’ll have more on the Dawn mission as it approaches Vesta. For now we’ll have to live with
  • Countdown catchup…

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the brief hiatus. Between AbGradCon, a workshop I was co-organizing this week, and a move to a new apartment, things have been very hectic around here. The good news is I have a backup of material from the last week to post on countdowns. Let’s start with… 3. NASA released this video late
  • Where is Everybody

    Weekend Theater: “Where is Everybody” Here’s another regular content idea. I’ll try to post a video we can all watch over the weekend. This week, we’ll feature something I show at the opening of an astrobiology course I (used to) teach - the very first episode of the Twilight Zone. I’m not going to tell you the
  • FameLab International Final Tomorrow!

    This year’s FameLab International Finals will be held tomorrow at the Cheltenham Science Festival. The competition will take place at 8:30 PM if you’re in town… if not, you can stream it live! (It’ll be on at 3:30 PM EDT). For those that don’t know what this competition is, I can most easily explain it