Daily Archives: August 19, 2011

  • Symphony of Science

    Another slow news day during which I was completely overworked… so you all are treated to another songification of our mutual idols.
  • Carl Sagan

    It’s a slow news day, and I worked through the weekend so I’m taking a night off. In place of our usual nightly rundown of the news, I hope you’ll accept this wonderful auto-tuning of one of our collective heroes. For more, check out the Symphony of
  • The Countdown to 8/12/2011

    There’s not a ton of space/astrobiology news today, but some good new stuff related to science and climate policy in today’s edition of Science… 3… What does the debt deal mean for science and government-funded research? A news & analysis piece tries to answer that question. The gist is that in the short-run the deal is
  • The Countdown 8/11/2011

    I missed yesterday, and there’s some big news to report. 3… Hydrogen: it’s what’s for dinner. A new Nature paper (and commentary ) by Petersen et al. explains the discovery of a new energy source (hydrogen) for symbiotic organisms living on oceanic vents. This is big news because it both expands the set of proven chemical
  • Belated Countdown…

    I didn’t get to the countdown yesterday, as I fell asleep reading grant proposals. Something tells me that might happen again in the near future. So if I miss a night, that’s why. Anyways, on to yesterday’s countdown… 3… I don’t think many people in the public sphere are aware of the personal sacrifices made by