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  • Thankful Countdown to 11/24/2011…

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here are a few things news topics in astrobiology/planetary/climate science that I’m thankful for: 3… The Phobos-Grunt spacecraft has started phoning home! This doesn’t necessarily mean the mission is saved, and it may even be past the point where a fully functional spacecraft could reach Mars, but this is a case where “no
  • Farewell to a Brilliant Earth Mother

    Farewell to a Brilliant Earth Mother I’m sitting here in a surf café in Cocoa Beach Florida, taking a break from briefings for the impending launch of the Curiosity Mars rover and trying to wrap my head around the news of the sudden death of Lynn Margulis. I wish I had more time to
  • Countdown to 11/23/11

    4. As Shawn mentioned yesterday, neutrinos have once again made headlines recently where the OPERA collaboration has verified their measurement using a different beam and some groups have refuted their claims (surprise!). Here are 158 papers debating this issue. 3. Phobos-Grunt, the Russian mission to bring samples from the