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  • Countdown to 11/23/11

    4. As Shawn mentioned yesterday, neutrinos have once again made headlines recently where the OPERA collaboration has verified their measurement using a different beam and some groups have refuted their claims (surprise!). Here are 158 papers debating this issue. 3. Phobos-Grunt, the Russian mission to bring samples from the
  • The Return of the Countdown! Countdown to 11/22/2011

    The countdown is back! Now that has more writers, we’re going to share countdown duties. So come by here to get a daily rundown of what’s happening in astrobiology, planetary sciences, and earth/climate research. We’ll also continue to post more thoughtful “essays,” and will try to stack these on weekends
  • Near-Surface Water on Europa

    More to follow, but I wanted to post quickly (VERY quickly as my keyboard is racing my battery) about the Science Update on Europa. The basic gist is this:
    • Earth scientists had a well-validated model for how certain terrains form on Earth
    • They applied this model to the chaos terrains on Europa
    • They were able to
  • On Fans and Fanatics, and the Science of Sports

    I’ve been doing a lot of introspection this past week. Those that know me are aware that I’m a big sports fan. You see, when I was born my dad was already in his 60’s. So when other kids were outside playing catch with their fathers, I was sitting on the couch watching sports with