Daily Archives: August 6, 2012

  • Curiosity has landed!

    This is it. You know that scene at the end of Apollo 13 when the capsule splashed down and Mission Control erupts into unbridled jubilation? Multiply that by a thousand. I'm so coked up on the room's energy that I can barely type. Everything went perfectly. No problems with communicating, entry, landing, nor descent. An untested landing
  • Parachutes deployed!

    Everything good so far. The seven minutes of terror is more like seven minutes of adrenaline and cold sweat. I don't know about anyone else here, but I feel like I could punch out a bear.
  • Mars Odyssey Maneuver successful!

    There's a very good chance we'll receive communication from the satellite tonight! Looks like Mars Odyssey and Curiosity will have a love connection after all. Tones are coming in. Everything looks good so far. But remember, by the time this is posted, Curiosity is on the ground in one way or another. As of this writing, the rover is trying
  • Live from the VIP room

    This thing had better land. I don't wear ties very often.

    Professor FancyPants, at your service.

    We're in the VIP room, one of the swankier auditoria this side of JPL. Outside there's quite the delectable spread of miniature sandwiches, the