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  • The next full moon is the worm moon

    OK, total moment of honesty here. Gordons "Full Moon report" has been sitting in my inbox for a week, but sickness and all-day meetings kept me from getting it online. I saw the moon tonight (and it's beautiful) and it reminded me what a slacker I've been. So now I'm posting this from my cell
  • In case you’re wondering…

    1. Yes, a meteor blew up above Siberia this morning, with the resulting shockwave shattering windows over a large area and injuring many. 2. No, this was not "the closest approach" asteroid that will pass by later today. That one is larger. 3. No. This does NOT mean "the closest approach" asteroid will now hit us. It's
  • The right way to SETI

    The public has shown a tremendous interest in astrobiology, but I suspect a large part of this interest is with the implicit assumption that we're all searching for this guy: (more…)