Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Cosmos live blog episode 3: when knowledge conquered fear

    Well be a few minutes late but we're organizing something cool tonight. Hang tight! Hmmm... when knowledge conquers fear. Sounds good to me. We're live-blogging with the help of a room of astrobiologists this week. Britney Schmidt, Aaron Goldman, Steve Vance, David Grinspoon, Lucas Mix, Ty Robinson, and Matt Powell are all here watching this together. They're
  • The challenges for Cosmos

    I'm writing this from a metro platform, after a conversation with astrobiology colleagues about concerns we have about Cosmos, despite our appreciation for it getting science out there... and about the challenges faced by all science communication. The thoughts below were largely spurred by that conversation. (more…)
  • Cosmos Liveblog, Episode 2: “Some of The Things that Molecules Do”

    So... based on the title I'm expecting some chemistry. And maybe some biochemistry. And maybe some astrochemistry. Hopefully some geochemistry. But definitely some chemistry. Wait. Does that sound boring? I'm expecting some SCIENCE! (With a dab of chemistry.) I'm going to try to liveblog via Twitter this week. Follow along here or @shawndgoldman. :-)
  • The Next Full Moon is the Worm/Crow/Crust/Sap/Sugar/Lenten Moon

    Hey everyone! Shawn here, with Gordon Johnston's post on the next full moon and everything else happening until then for you to keep your eyes on. I'm in the middle of a busy week, so our next post will likely be the liveblog of the next Cosmos episode on Sudnay evening. Until then... check out
  • Cosmos Liveblog Week 1: “Standing Up in the Milky Way”

    Hey everyone! We're working on ramping up new content for, and part of that effort will be live-blogging about episodes from the new series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. I'll try to give my thoughts and - when I have them - insights to the astrobiology community that has led to some of the discoveries the