About Us

This is a blog composed of individuals. We all wear lots of hats, and the hat we wear here is that of individual bloggers voicing their own opinions on matters. Thus, you shouldn’t take anything we say here as speaking for the various institutions that fund us, employ us, play softball with us, or have any other relationship to us. What we say here we say as individuals.

This blog is meant to be many things. First and foremost, it is a science blog, and for the most part we’ll be “talking shop.” More specifically, it’s a blog about “pale blue dots,” in the way that Carl Sagan once referred to the Earth. Thus, we’ll discuss pale-blue-dot-related topics, including:

evolution of life
extrasolar planets
climate and anthropogenic climate change
planetary science

But this blog also aims to be a little different than your “traditional” science blog, in much the same way an interactive classroom is different from a “traditional” powerpoint-based one. We want to foster multi-directional conversations. This includes giving “non-bloggers” the opportunity to post their own ideas on these topics. You can do that with the “PaleBlue.you” button over on the right sidebar.

Finally, we’ll also be hosting lots of “meta” conversations about science communication. These are wondrous topics to consider, and the scientists that are drawn to researching them are also often drawn to communicating their work to the rest of the world. So we’ll talk about that, too, and hopefully improve our own abilities in this regard along the way.

Whether you are joining us as a “shadow” reader, a “commenter” or a “poster” we welcome you to the PaleBlue.blog community.

(Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, we’re new. So please excuse the changes and the periodic downtime, and also please let us know if you see anything around here that could be improved.)