• Astrobiology Futures – A Grassroots Roadmap!

    Hey, astrobiology colleges… check it out! This just came across my desk. A new roadmapping activity is starting up, and it’s set up to involve as many people as possible by leveraging online tools. I love this sort of thing. It maximizes community involvement while minimizing the environmental (and budgetary) footprint of travel. Anyways, go register and have your voice heard:

    It’s time to chart the future directions of astrobiology research and you can participate. During the month of May, NASA will be hosting a series of on-line hangouts and discussions focusing on broad themes in astrobiology: Planetary Conditions for Life, Prebiotic Evolution, Early Evolution of Life and the Biosphere, Evolution of Advanced Life, and Astrobiology for Solar Systems Exploration. These online conversations will be used as the starting point for a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting to draft an outline of the next Astrobiology Roadmap. To take part in this important conversation and to receive updates, please register at the following website: http://www.astrobiologyfuture.org/. Have your unique voice heard!