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Dimitra is a Research Scientist at the Particle Astrophysics Group, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. His papers can be accessed here: His home page is here:

  • Fermi Paradox

    For your amusement today, the Fermi Paradox song.  
  • Sun sneezes and…

    Living near a star has its benefits but one has to face consequences too. Last week we witnessed a M9 class solar flare and an intense Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hitting the Earth. CMEs are large volumes of charged particles ejected from the Sun's Corona. Interaction of these charged particles with the atmosphere gives rise
  • Countdown to 12/20/11

    Here is today’s countdown coming from what is called the Queen of the Himalayas (Mount Everest pictures later!). 4. Earth-size exoplanets With better senstivity of telescopes, it is now possible to observe Earth-size exoplanets! However, we need bigger telescopes to observe their atmospheric spectra and figure out whether there are any signs of life. 3. Dust avalanches
  • Super Earths, Higgs and Black holes

    3. What’s with Super Earths? The ever increasing number of exoplanets is putting the models of planet formation to test. A new class of planets, named “super-Earths” have emerged. These planets, about a third of the observed ones, have sizes between the Earth and Neptune. Here is the story. 2. Higgs? I spent the whole of Tuesday, attending talks
  • Exoplanets, supermassive blackholes and Higgs…Countdown to 12/6/11

    4. Exoplanet detected in the habitable zone! Kepler mission recently found an exoplanet, Kepler-22b right in the middle of the habitable zone of a Sun-like star. For some reason, I am unable to access the Kepler mission’s website at this moment, but here is a description. I must mention that at present there is not enough information