• Better Late than Never Weekend Theater

    … because I know you all watch videos at work, anyways. Well, here’s one you won’t feel guilty for watching at work: the PBS documentary “Earth: The Operators’ Manual. The show is narrated by a former professor of mine, Dr. Richard Alley. I’ll let Dr. Alley introduce himself with his introduction to the show:

    “I’m Richard Alley. I’m a geologist at Penn State University, but my research has taken me round the planet from Greenland to Antarctica… I’m a registered Republican, play soccer on Saturdays, and go to church on Sundays. I’m a parent and a professor. I worry about jobs for my students, and my daughters’ future. I’ve been a proud member of the U.N. panel on climate change and I know the risks. And I’ve worked for an oil company, and know how much we all need energy. And the best science shows we’ll be better off if we address the twin stories of climate change and energy, and that the sooner we move forward, the better. Our use of fossil fuels for energy is pushing us towards a climate unlike any seen in the history of civilization, but a growing population needs more and more clean energy. But I believe science offers us an “Operators’ Manual” with answers to both of these huge challenges.

    Dr. Alley is someone I am in total awe of. His ability to be an accomplished researcher, teacher, parent, and advisor is the ideal that other academics strive for. And now, he has added an equally impressive effort in public outreach to his résumé, focused on a subject where we really need tremendous communicators. In this video, Dr. Alley quickly and effectively introduces the scientific argument that anthropogenic climate change is happening. He then talks to experts that highlight some of the problems climate change could cause… and that are working on solutions to the challenge. The people he talks to are not what you’d expect: they hail from the U.S. Navy, from politically red-as-a-stop-sign West Texas, and from Houston, the capitol city of the U.S oil industry.

    So turn off the lights and watch (hopefully on an LED-lit screen) this singular scientist explain the problem we have no choice but to address… and propose some solution to address the problem.

    (Speaking of address, I couldn’t embed the video… so go to this one to view it: http://earththeoperatorsmanual.com/broadcast_info)