• Cosmos Liveblog, Episode 2: “Some of The Things that Molecules Do”

    So… based on the title I’m expecting some chemistry. And maybe some biochemistry. And maybe some astrochemistry. Hopefully some geochemistry. But definitely some chemistry.

    Wait. Does that sound boring?

    I’m expecting some SCIENCE! (With a dab of chemistry.)

    I’m going to try to liveblog via Twitter this week. Follow along here or @shawndgoldman. 🙂

    If you’re looking for something to do after tonight’s Cosmos episode, here you go:

    Those fancy graphics too much for you? Here you go…

    Dr. Grinspoon has joined the party!!

    Fair point:

    And the baby wakes up right on cue. She was nice enough to let me watch the end… See you all next week! 😀

    … I’m back (baby is asleep) to share some great thoughts on Titan from @PlanetDr:

    If you’re interested in this stuff, and you’re on Twitter, clearly she is worth the follow.

    More stuff rolling in from colleagues, some as the show airs in other time zones (or on their DVR’s) and others continuing the discussion after it finished showing here: