• Countdown to 12/23/2011

    Hey everyone! After a sprint to get a paper submitted, I was pretty exhausted last night and fell asleep on the couch with my laptop on my lap. Thus, no countdown to today until today.

    3. There’s some good stuff in Science again this week, including a few reports from this year’s Fall AGU meeting on climate change modeling (more complex models, same results) and reports of a core and magnetic field for the über-asteroid Vesta. There’s are also perspectives and three articles of interest… one on Voyager detecting emissions from our Milky Way galaxy as it leaves our solar system, one on the formal publication of the rise of oxygen paper by Kump et al., and one one the evolution of early Eukaryotes. Check ‘em out….

    2. Science also published it’s breakthrough of the year. The top spot went to the amazing work on an HIV treatment that can also prevent spreading of the disease. Some of the “runners-up” were discoveries in Earth/planetary/space sciences: exoplanets,the Hayabusa mission, and the mapping of a protein essentital to photosynthesis….

    1. As planetary geeks, we’re cognizant that the “holiday season” occurs at a time of the year when the Northern Hemisphere is its darkest and the shadows are their longest. So whatever your reasons for celebrating, we hope you don’t even realize the passing of the longest nights as such as you merrily pass the time with close friends and family…. and if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere GET OUT AND ENJOY THE WEATHER! Either way, Merry Holidays….

    For the “little geeks” in your clan: LAUNCH!