• Countdown to a cruise 1/5/2012

    3… I invented this years ago, but I was inside a time cloak when I did it so unfortunately there’s no evidence that it happened. Oh, well.

    2… There’s good stuff in this month’s astrobiology newsletter. In particular, there are lots of good opportunities for students and postdocs. If you’re on the market, check it out.

    1… I’m on a boat! Well, I’m not… but colleague and science communicator extraordinaire, Julia DeMarines, is. Specifically, she’s on the Atlantis, which is heading to Caribbean to examine biota on the seafloor there. There’s sure to be lots of astrobiogoodness on the cruise, and Julia will be sure to blog about it. You can follow her travels on her grimy old ship by reading her shiny new blog called (all together now) “I’m on a boat!”