• Don’t Trust Me, Trust Us

    Don’t trust me, I’m just a scientist.
    Other scientists know not to trust me.
    In fact, they’ve been trained not to trust me,
    and there are very good reasons not to trust me:

    I’m human;
    I’ve made mistakes;
    I’ve been wrong;
    I’ve even misunderestimated things.

    But our lack of trust is our strength.
    When I mess up, I hear about it.
    When I’m wrong, I’m corrected.
    And when I misunderestimate something,
    someone else re-estimates it.

    And so our mistrust becomes truth,
    and in the end I may get things wrong
    but WE will get it right.

    Think of it this way…
    When you go to the doctor about heart disease
    you might want a second opinion.
    But if 9 of 10 of doctors say:
    “It’s happening.
    Your habits are causing it,
    It’s going to harm you.
    But you can fix it
    if you change your ways.”
    I sincerely hope you change your ways.

    And when a scientist talks about climate change,
    you might want a second opinion.
    But when 95 of 100 scientists say:
    “It’s happening.
    Our habits are causing it.
    It’s going to harm us.
    But we can fix it
    if we change our ways.”
    I sincerely hope we change our ways.

    So this is what I ask of you:
    Don’t trust me.
    Trust US.
    Don’t trust the scientist.
    Trust the SCIENTISTS.
    Don’t trust a human.
    Trust a COMMUNITY.