• FameLab International Final Tomorrow!

    This year’s FameLab International Finals will be held tomorrow at the Cheltenham Science Festival. The competition will take place at 8:30 PM if you’re in town… if not, you can stream it live! (It’ll be on at 3:30 PM EDT). For those that don’t know what this competition is, I can most easily explain it as “American Idol for Scientists.” The rules of the competition are that each speaker has a few minutes, no slides, and only the props they can carry with them onto the stage. Their talks are to be of a scientific nature, and directed at a general audience.

    Most of you know my feelings on science communication: we need more of us doing more of it. FameLab is, in my opinion, a HUGE part of this. Not only is it getting early-career scientists in the habit of communicating their work, it does so in a manner that is open to the world. My co-workers and I are planning to hold an astrobiology-themed FameLab competition here in the U.S. If you’re interested, check out FameLab’s website and watch tomorrow’s finals online. The details on our competition are still being discussed, so if you have ideas for it please drop them in the comments or through email.