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    • dovhenis

      You Owe Your Life To Natural Selection Of RNA. Period.

      Consciousness-spirituality are brainchildren, and the
      brain is a progeny of mono-cells communities evolution:






      C. Know Thyself. Life Is Simpler Than We
      Are Told Including Origin-Nature Of Brain-Consciousness-“Spirituality”***


      The origin-reason
      and the purpose-fate of life are mechanistic, ethically and practically
      valueless. Life is the cheapest commodity on Earth.

      As Life is just
      another mass format, due to the oneness of the universe it is commonsensical
      that natural selection is ubiquitous for ALL mass formats and that life,
      self-replication, is its extension. And it is commonsensical, too, that
      evolutions, broken symmetry scenarios, are ubiquitous in all processes in all
      disciplines and that these evolutions are the “quantum mechanics” of the


      Human life is
      just one of many nature’s routes for the natural survival of RNAs, the base
      primal Earth organisms.


      evolution, self-replication:


      Genes (organisms)
      to genomes (organisms) to mono-cellular to multicellular organisms:


      mono-cells to cooperative mono-cells communities, “cultures”.

      cultures evolve their communication, neural systems, then further evolving
      nerved multicellular organisms.


      Human life is
      just one of many nature’s routes for the natural survival of RNAs, the base
      Earth organism.

      It is up to
      humans themselves to elect the purpose and format of their life as individuals
      and as group-members.


      Dov Henis
      (comments from 22nd century)


      ***המקור והמהות
      של  “רוחניויות”, כולן

      הרוחניויות נובעות מהמאמינים, לסיפוק
      ולשימוש  שלהם.