• In case you’re wondering…

    1. Yes, a meteor blew up above Siberia this morning, with the resulting shockwave shattering windows over a large area and injuring many.
    2. No, this was not “the closest approach” asteroid that will pass by later today. That one is larger.
    3. No. This does NOT mean “the closest approach” asteroid will now hit us. It’s going to miss.
    4. No, it’s probably not a part of that asteroid. It could be loosely related, but I doubt it.
    5. The reason “us scientists” did not see it is because this one is very *VERY* small for an asteroid. The smaller the asteroid, the harder it is to see. And while we’ve made tremendous progress in finding the larger ones that would wipe out a city or cause global devastation, we don’t see the smaller ones like this until they hit. (And even that doesn’t happen very often.)