• Introducing our newest blogger… Julia DeMarines!

    The PaleBlue.blog family is growing! We need some new authors around here, and the first person I turned to when searching out people to join us was Julia DeMarines (@LifeNspace). I met Julia a few years ago when she was an undergrad student at the University of Colorado, and we were both doing research on the Earth as an extrasolar planets. Now, she’s all grown up… working at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and acting as PaleBlue.blogger Dave Grinspoon’s right-hand (wo)man.

    Julia knows her science and her memes, and probably will be better at this than any of us. She acted as the official blogger for the last cruise of the science vessel Atlantis (http://oases2012.blogspot.com/), ran a personal blog about the experience (http://imonaboat.org/), and if that’s not enough maintains a tumblblog (http://demarines.tumblr.com/submit) that has this tagline:

    cosmically speaking, it is incredibly awesome that we even exist at all… these are my offerings of appreciation for being a conscious being in the world i gratefully woke up in

    Well put.