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    Dear Julia, Also Sanjoy, Sara, Jacob, Grasshopper, Betul, Jim, Aaron, Tony,Michael, Mark, Zach, Dimitra, Seth, and your friends @bmsis.com I understand that you have a sincere interest in contact with folks from our galaxy or beyond. The very first place I would suggest is on U-tube and a search for "tall whites" and Charles Hall. I think this will open your "world-view" as it did mine, even though I already thought mine was "open". Let me introduce this person. While working at area51 in the 60's Dr. Hall had very frequent conversations with ETs living there under USGOV protection. Since he saved the life of the "ambassador’s grand-daughter he was granted total freedom (a contract with the Pentagon). He could go anywhere alone, talk to anyone about any subject, and never to be interrogated by USGOV. This in essence allows him to talk whereas others with this same knowledge are "terminated" as per military contract. Therefore we (the people) have an opportunity to "know" some of the facts. I will let you be the judge. In my case, now that I finally found some truth (in my eyes) I have read many books of those who have been contacted (often in the 50's and 60's), who have put their personal life on the line with the total mockery to them and their poor family. They were "told" by the various ETs to "talk" and spread the news (rather than going through the governments of the world). The surprisingly common messages (from completely different authors, countries, and space-people) relate to: 1) An impending confrontation between the negative and positive populations on earth (not totally different than the holy-book's warnings). 2) Their laws of "non-interference" with individuals and public world-views, means that they can contact only those whose world-view is "truly" open to contact. As a group, humanity is becoming more accepting (like you guys/gals) to space-contact. 3) They say...time is short, and they can not interfere with our struggle to overcome the human's ego and its associated feeling of separation /aggression. 4) This next one is not so important, but another common point in their conversations. They say that due to the fall of the individual alone or as in a group ( lucifer's destruction of the 5th planet) between Mars and Jupiter, those with the ego were obliged to live on earth, and the return of a great-being (well known to our history) will be part of the show-down. My religious preferences are not confined to any one source, and this information has me thinking. I hope all this information will be kindly accepted as just that. The only judge once you have done some investigation is each person's individual judgment. None are expected to see things like any other. My dear friends, Many (many) blessings for all things to come. One thing you will notice, there is no economic gain in this message. It is from the heart, the galactic-heart. We are fellow-humanoids. Cheers.