• Monday Brainstorm: Site layout

    We’ll eventually get into brainstorms on science research and communication ideas… but as we’re just starting out here at PaleBlue.blog, it would be good to get input from all of you on what else we could have on the site.

    Thus far, the blog contains four main components:

    1.) This section, where the main authors’ contributions will appear

    2.) The comments under individual posts. Comments are handled by Disqus. You can use their engine to sign on our posts using a variety of sign-in credentials: disqus, Facebook, google, Twitter, Yahoo!, and openID.

    3.) The sidebar, where you can see the blog’s Twitter feed, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Tumblr (the blog network this site is build on). There are also links there for you to post your own blog entries (PaleBlue.you), to ask us a question (Ask an Astrobiologist), or to get to the backpages that have more site info.

    4.) The “backpages” that have more information on the authors and the blog.

    Is there anything else you think we could add? Anything you think we could change?