• Sinking In: Mission Day 5, Mars Begins

    When all the experts assure you that something is absolutely, positively going to go a certain way, start making a backup plan.

    It’s mission day 5. Blooking out 2 smally now, according to folks in the know, the media should have forgotten about the six simulated astronauts in

  • Temples in the Sky: Religion on the Red Planet

    When humans go to space, we bring along the things we need to survive: food, water, air and, to varying degrees, deities. Whether your relationship with Universal power is light or heavy, packing God along doesn’t add to mission launch weight. Hence, the choice to keep the faith in space is yours – or, in this case, ours.

    The question, “How do

  • In Case of Space

    This is a cross-post from my personal blog.


    In case this ever happens to you – you decide to leave the planet for whatever reason – you should be prepared for several things.

    Changes in weather, for example. Temperature will be deceptively regular indoors. Assuming that you restrict yourself to travel to and between rocky

  • Pluto – passage to you!

    This is Pluto. This planet (yes, but it's semantics) contains secrets to the history of the Solar System, including lessons on our home planet. We just flew past this world, surveying it with a robotic spacecraft billions of miles from Earth. We're going to be analyzing that data over the coming months and years, to
  • Venus: The Hottest Vacation Destination of the Past?

    Hi!  I’m Giada Arney, a new blogger at Pale Blue Blog from the University of Washington. Even though I’m an astrobiologist, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the least habitable planet in our solar system: Venus!  Venus has a similar size and bulk composition to Earth, but there the similarities end.  Picture this:
  • Selfies for Synchrotrons


    Did you know your smartphone might be good for something besides spamming out duck-lip pics of yourself? Did you know your phone might be a valuable scientific tool to help us understand the cosmos? Are you reading this on your phone right now?